Broadband Operator


About Broadband Operator

Broadband is the wide bandwidth data transmission that transports multiple signals at a wide range of frequencies through a medium like coaxial cable, optical fiber, wireless internet (radio), satellite, etc.

Broadband Operators are the backbone of the telecom sector and perform vital activities like cable wiring, equipment installation & configuration, trouble shooting to localize and rectify faults, UPS installation Domestic power supply checks, etc

As demand for Broadband Operator is soaring, there is a need to nurture Under Graduates, Graduates, Engineers & IT Professionals with new tools and technologies

To bridge this gap, KEONICS’ Broadband Operator program has been designed specifically for current-day professionals to:

• get hands-on training
• develop and practice developmental tools and techniques
• gain expert level skills and confidence with rigorous assessments and certification process
• experience practical learning through mandatory internship programs

Program Ojectives

KEONICS’ Broadband Operator offers an innovative milestone-based learning initiative for students to build up their skills using a step-by-step process.

The primary objective of this accelerated rigorous application-oriented program is to:

• Understand broadband technologies
• List the duties and responsibilities of a broadband technician
• Work with cable, connectors, modem, router, switch
• Execute and demonstrate the procedures for equipment installation
• Record keeping and documentation
• Able to work with manuals and work orders

Program Highlights

The program inputs are as follows:

• Design a Broadband Operator course according to market demand and your target audience.
• Hands-On exercise using real-world data sets and practical sessions
• Inclusive learning journey with domainspecific case studies and deriving business Insights related projects
• Certificate of completion from Keonics, one of the leading organizations in Technology and Innovation Development
• Taught by Industry experts in Broadband technologies
• The Program Pedagogy is through intense learning, workshops, brainstorming sessions, and live coding
• Work on a real project through a mandatory Internship program
• Personalized mentorship about issue resolution by expert panels

Program Outcome

KEONICS extends mentoring support to help students start, progress, and sustain asuccessful career by :

▪ Facilitating learning based on the latest tools in Broadband Operations
▪ Helping to expand student’s skills through outcome -based learning
▪ Assisting students by developing a concrete action plan for career planning in Broadband Operator opportunities.
▪ Imparting in -depth learning on practical applications of the Broadband Operator course
▪ Analyze the impact of Broadband Operator on business models and strategy
▪ Gathering information from consumers about program functionality
▪ Working with Broadband hardware like cable laying out, optical fiber, router, modem, satellite, etc.