Certified Information Systems Auditor


About Certified Information Systems Auditore

The certified Information Systems Auditor(CISA) course helps you gain expertise in the acquisition, development, testing, and implementation of information systems (IS) and learn the guidelines, standards, and best practices for protecting them.

CISA is one of the most sought-after certification programs for professionals with information systems audit, control, and security skills. A CISA certification will enhance these critical skills and provide a competitive edge over your peers.

There is a growing need for professionals with the knowledge necessary to lead IS/IT audit and assurance programs. As demand for Certified Information Systems Auditor is soaring, there is a need to nurture Under Graduates, Graduates, Engineers & IT Professionals with new tools and technologies

To bridge this gap, KEONICS’ Certified Information Systems Auditor program has been designed specifically for current-day professionals to:

• get hands-on training
• develop and practice developmental tools and techniques
• gain expert level skills and confidence with rigorous assessments and certification process
• experience practical learning through mandatory internship programs

Program Ojectives

KEONICS’ Certified Information Systems Auditor offers an innovative milestone-based learning initiative for students to build up their skills using a step-by-step process.

The primary objective of this accelerated rigorous application-oriented program is to:

• Impart knowledge of Certified Information Systems Auditor, help understand its usage and how it can be applied to various domains.
• Make professionals & students of the course experts on Certified Information Systems Auditor
• Ensure professionals & students learn on-the-job training during Internship programs.

Program Highlights

The program inputs are as follows:

• Design a Certified Information Systems Auditor course according to market demand and your target audience
• Hands-On exercise using real-world data sets and practical sessions
• Inclusive learning journey with domain- specific case studies and deriving business Insights related projects
• Certificate of completion from Keonics, one of the leading organizations in Technology and Innovation Development
• Taught by CISA audit experts
• The Program Pedagogy is through intense learning, workshops, brainstorming sessions, and live coding
• Work on real projects through a mandatory Internship program
• Personalized mentorship about issue resolution by expert panels

Program Outcome

KEONICS extends mentoring support to help students start, progress, and sustain a successful career by :

▪ Facilitating learning based on the latest tools in CISA
▪ Helping to expand student’s skills through outcome- based learning
▪ Assisting students by developing a concrete action plan for career planning in Certified Information Systems Auditor opportunities.
▪ Imparting in-depth learning on practical applications of the Certified Information Systems Auditor course
▪ Analyze the impact of Certified Information Systems Auditor on business models and strategy
▪ Gathering information from consumers about program functionality
▪ Risk-based approach to planning, execution, and reporting on audit engagements
▪ Audit, Control, Monitor, and assess the organization’s information technology and business systems
▪ Support the implementation of, and encourage compliance with appropriate standards and procedures