Digital IC Design


About Digital IC Design

Digital IC design is a procedural process that involves converting specifications and features into digital blocks and then further into logic circuits.

circuits. Design skill and ingenuity are key at the higher-level stages of digital IC design and the development of systems and processes that ensure a design meets specifications as efficiently as possible.

India currently holds a 3% share of global electronics production, and the market is growing at the rate of 12.7% year on year.

Digital IC Design is the backbone of the Electronics sector handling transistors, inverters, adders, multipliers, flip-flops, and latches.

KEONICS’ Digital IC Design program has been designed specifically for present days professionals to:

• Get hands-on training
• Develop and practice Digital IC Design tools and technologies
• Gain expert-level skills and confidence with rigorous. assessments and certification process.
• Experience practical learning through mandatory internship programs.

Program Ojectives

KEONICS’ Digital IC Design offers an innovative milestone-based learning initiative for students to build their skills using a step-by-step process

The primary objective of this accelerated rigorous application-oriented program is to:

• Make professionals & students of the course experts on Digital IC Design and techniques
• Characterize the key delay quantities of a standard cell
• Evaluate power dissipated in a circuit (dynamic and leakage)
• Design a circuit to perform a certain functionality with a specified speed
• Identify the critical path of a combinational circuit
• Convert the combinational block to pipelined circuit
• Calculate the maximum (worst case) operating frequency of the designed circuit
• Ensure professionals & students learn on- the-job training during Internship programs.

Program Highlights

The program inputs are as follows:

• Design a Digital IC Design course according to market demand and your target audience
• Hands-On exercise using real-world requirements and practical sessions
• Inclusive learning journey with domain- specific case studies and deriving technology insights related to projects
• Certificate of completion from Keonics, one of the leading organizations in Technology and Innovation Development
• Taught by Industry experts in Integrated Circuit Design and related technologies
• The Program Pedagogy is through intense learning, workshops, brainstorming sessions, and practical sessions.
• Work on a real project through a mandatory Internship program
• Personalized mentorship about issue resolution by expert panels
• Make professionals & students of the course experts on Digital IC Design and techniques.

Program Outcome

KEONICS extends mentoring support to help students start, progress, and sustain a successful career by:

• Discuss the various design considerations related to Integrated Circuits
• Get Started with basic electronics concepts required to cement the knowledge related to Integrated circuits
• Deep Dive into all the core concepts related to IC Design and Manufacturing process
• Describe the static and dynamic behavior of CMOS
• Gain Deep knowledge of IC Design Tools and Best Practices
• Design Logic gates, Flip-flops, and Register
• Experience real situations through Industry visits, Mandatory Internship, and Organized Workshops
• Get Certified by Keonics in Digital IC Design