This is EDSBM , India is an emerging country, empowering platform for start ups. Although business schools are preparing a platform for the budding management students with their entrepreneurial skills, there is a gap in nurturing entrepreneurs with changing trends in tools and technologies. To bridge this gap, designed specifically for present-day professionals to;
KEONICS' EDSBM EDSBM Certified Cloud Practitioner program has been designed specifically for present-day professionals to;

• get hands-on training,
• develop and practice develop next-generation entrepreneurs by curating their skills. gain expert level skills
• confidence with rigorous,assessments and certification process.
• experience practical learning through mandatory internship programs.

Program Objectives

KEONICS' EDSBM offers an innovative milestone-based learning initiative for students to build their skills using a step-by-step process while at KEONICS.

The primary objective of this accelerated rigorous application-oriented program is to:

• Impart knowledge on entrepreneurial and mangagerial ecosystem
• Develop next-generation entrepreneurship by curating their Skill
• Build socially impacted sustainable ventures.
• Nuture intrapenerurial aspration and enhance capabilities

Program Outcomes

• Facilitating learning based on the latest tools in entrepreneurial milestones
• Help expand students' skills by outcome-based learning. Assisting students by developing a concrete action plan for career planning in entrepreneurship opportunities.
• Imparting in-depth learning on practical applications of entrepreneurship .
• Equipping students to work in any sector for organizations ranging from startups to small and medium-sized enterprises to multinational firms.