Introduction to Microsensor


About Introduction to Microsensor

Introduction to Microsensors is an interdisciplinary field dealing with miniaturized systems fabricated using micromachining technology.

Application areas can be as diverse as automotive and IT systems to the field of biomedicine. The IoT (Internet of things) sector is entirely dependent on microsensors, which is poised to grow at a 10% rate in India

Introduction to Microsensors is the backbone of the micro and nano Electronics sector handling MEMS, NEMS, microsystem fabrications, photo integrated circuits, etc.

KEONICS’ Introduction to Microsensor program has been designed specifically for present days professionals to:

• Get hands-on training
• Develop and practice Microsensor tools and technologies
• Gain expert-level skills and confidence with rigorous. assessments and certification process.
• Experience practical learning through mandatory internship programs.

Program Ojectives

KEONICS’ Introduction to Microsensor program offers an innovative milestone-based learning initiative for students to build their skills using a step-by-step process

The primary objective of this accelerated rigorous application-oriented program is to:

• Make professionals & students of the course experts on Introduction to Microsensor
• Gain knowledge of micro and nanoscale devices
• MEMS and NEMS devices and their applications
• Design, analyze and characterize a micro or Nano System
• Ensure professionals & students learn on- the-job training during Internship programs.

Program Highlights

The program inputs are as follows:

• Design an Introduction to Microsensor course according to market demand and your target audience
• Hands-On exercises using real-world applications of microsensors with practical sessions
• Inclusive learning journey with domain- specific case studies and deriving business insights related to projects
• Certificate of completion from Keonics, one of the leading organizations in Technology and Innovation Development
• Taught by Industry experts in Microsensors and related technologies
• The Program Pedagogy is through intense learning, workshops, brainstorming sessions, and live coding
• Work on a real project through a mandatory Internship program
• Personalized mentorship about issue resolution by expert panels
• Make professionals & students of the course experts on Introduction to Microsensors and techniques.

Program Outcome

KEONICS extends mentoring support to help students start, progress, and sustain a successful career by :

• Understanding the fundamental scientific principles governing semiconductor electronic devices, modeling of such devices, and their incorporation into modern integrated circuits
• Discuss applications of sensors
• Understanding Fabrication and Lithography
• Understanding MEMS ( Micro-Electro- Mechanical System) and NEMS (Nano-Electro- Mechanical System)
• Gaining knowledge of pressure sensors